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Airman PDS185S-6E1 Air Compressor

Airman PDS185S-6E1 Air Compressor
The most reliable & durable Air Compressor in the industry!

Product Description:

Fuel Efficient. Quiet. Dependable. Profitable.

When it comes to efficiency and dependability, MMD Equipment's ultra-quiet air compressors are designed for today's demands. They're extremely reliable — which helps reduce downtime and maintenance as well as increasing your profitability. Our superior designs are fuel-efficient, light and well-balanced.

MMD Equipment is the source for Airman Air Compressors since they were introduced into the U.S. market 30 years ago – no other compressor compares.

The perfect undercarriage for your Airman Air Compressor

Each Airman Air Compressor has an ideally-sized, optionally-available undercarriage. Standard features include:

Airman Air Compressors Trailer
  • LED lights
  • HD safety chains
  • HD pivoting third wheel
  • “A” frame towing assembly — detachable and replaceable
  • HD axle and leaf spring suspension
  • Up to 15" tires (depending on model)
Product Applications

Technical Information

  PDS100S-6E1 PDS130S-6B4 PDS185S-6E1 PDS400S-6C3
Type Rotary Twin-Screw,
Rotary Twin-Screw,
Single-Stage, Oil Cooled,
Rotary Twin-Screw,
Free Air Delivery 100 scfm 130 scfm 185 scfm 400 scfm
Working Pressure 100 psig
Max. Working Pressure 120 psig
Air Receiver Tank 7.92 gal. 7.92 gal. 5.29 gal. 25.88 gal.
Air Outlets 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 2 and 2" x 1
Engine Coupling Type Fiber Gear Direct Coupling
Lubrication System Type Forced Lubrication by compressed pressure
Lubrication System Capacity 3.7 gal. 3.7 gal. 3.96 gal. 13.74 gal.
Oil Cooler Type Separate Side-by-Side Oil Cooler and Radiator
Seperator External External External Internal
  Diesel Engine
Model Shibaura S773L-C Shibaura N843L-C Yanmar 4TNV88C-DHKS Isuzu 4JJ1X
Type Inline, Water-Cooled,
Tier 4i Compliant
Inline, Water-Cooled,
4-Stroke, High-Swirl,
Tier 4i Compliant
Water-Cooled 4-Cycle, Direct-
Injection, Tier 4F Compliant
Inline, Water-Cooled, Direct-
Injected, Tier 3 Compliant,
Cylinders 3 3 4 4
Displacement 69 cu in 101.4 cu in 133.6 cu in 183 cu in
Horsepower 27.1 HP 37.5 HP 47.6 HP 113.2 HP
Low Idle 1950 rpm 1600 rpm 1350 rpm 1300 rpm
High Idle 3500 rpm 3000 rpm 3000 rpm 2200 rpm
Fuel Consumption 1.6 GPH @ Full Load
1.2 GPH @ 70% Load
0.7 GPH @ No Load
2.0 GPH @ Full Load
1.5 GPH @ 70% Load
0.8 GPH @ No Load
2.4 GPH @ Full Load
1.7 GPH @ 70% Load
0.8 GPH @ No Load
5.3 GPH @ Full Load
4.1 GPH @ 70% Load
2.0 GPH @ No Load
(with Auto-Idle)
Fuel Capacity 18.5 gal. 18.5 gal. 24.0 gal. 47.02 gal.
Cooling System Capacity 1.2 gal. 1.72 gal. 1.93 gal. 2.90 gal.
Oil Capacity 1.3 gal. 1.59 gal. 1.95 gal. 3.96 gal.
Electrical Sytem 12-Volt, Maintenance-Free Battery 12-Volt, Maintenance-Free Battery 12-Volt, Maintenance-Free Battery 24-Volt, Maintenance-Free Battery
  Weights and Dimensions
Dry Weight 1742 lb 1940 lb 2120 lb 4400 lb
with Towing Frame
1972 lb 2170 lb 2420 lb 4998 lb
without Towing Frame
1742 lb 1940 lb 2120 lb 4400 lb
with Towing Frame
118 in 118 in 132 in 174 in
without Towing Frame
64 in 64 in 76 in 108.5 in
with Towing Frame
57 in 57 in 68 in 78 in
without Towing Frame
51 in 51 in 49 in 60 in
with Towing Frame
56.5 in 56.5 in 62 in 77 in
without Towing Frame
45 in 45 in 45 in 59 in
Operating Weight 2172 lb 2370 lb 2620 lb 5374 lb
  Operating Parameters
Max. Altitude 4921 ft
Max. Ambient Temperature 113°F
Min. Ambient
Max. Incline 15°
Sound Level 68 dBA 68 dBA 62 dBA 76 dBA
  Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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