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MMD PowerPro™ 65 Mobile Generator

MMD PowerPro™ 65 Mobile Generator
Rugged. Quiet. Fuel-Efficient.

Product Description:

Durable and portable power that’s tough, yet quiet.

MMD Equipment’s PowerPro™ mobile generators are engineered to handle the most rugged requirements for construction site or event power.

Our mobile generators utilize Delta Demand Excitation™ technology that responds immediately under variable loads. Also, Quietech™ sound reduction makes them quiet enough to provide power for that all-important special event.

Because PowerPro™ generators are dependable and easy to operate, they are the right choice for all of your power needs.

The perfect trailer for your MMD PowerPro™ Generators

Designed for use with MMD PowerPro™ Generators, Lynx Rite Trailers set the pace for strength, durability and portability.

Lynx Rite Trailer
  • Provide superior strength with a uni-body design constructed of solid steel.
  • Low center of gravity for better towing balance and stability.
  • Cadmium plated hitches, brake actuators, safety hooks and chains.
  • Oversized safety hooks and chains.
  • LED tail lights (complies with existing NATM, NHTSA and DOT regulations).
  • Shortened heavy duty rear bumper.
  • All steel fenders.
  • Lockable storage box.
  • Click here to learn more.

Our generators are equipped with the latest technology and features:

Zero Load Technology

This innovative feature enables selected Tier 4 units to increase time between regeneration cycles on lighter loads, while extending diesel particular filtration cleaning intervals. Click here to learn more.

  • Zero light load problems
  • Zero DPF shutdowns
  • Zero power loss
  • Extended DPF cleaning intervals
  • Tier 3 engine performance from a Tier 4 generator

Our Zero Load Technology will help extend intervals between regeneration cycles or possible shut downs due to light loading or soot buildup in the catalyst. ZLT is an active system that monitors real time performance of the engine by constantly monitoring engine load, exhaust gas temperature, and exhaust gas pressure both entering and exiting the catalyst in order to make adjustments to engine load and fueling parameters. The ZLT system will not have any impact on the performance of the generator and will not reduce the electrical load capacity of your MMD PowerPro™ generator.

Product Application

See the MMD PowerPro™ Mobile Generators powering a large display screen at a bull riding/rodeo event.

Keep that Tier-3 Generator Running! Choose to Refurbish!

Give your Tier-3 generator a second life and have it running as long as possible. We offer refurbishment services customized to fit your needs, and we can refurbish other manufacturers' equipment.

Click here to learn more about our Refurbishment Program.

Technical Information

  PowerPro™ 25 PowerPro™ 40 PowerPro™ 45 PowerPro™ 65 PowerPro™ 125 PowerPro™ 150
Model SDG25S-8E1 SDG40S-8B1 SDG45S-8E1 SDG65S-8C1 SDG125S-8B1 SDG150S-8B1
  Generator Specifications
Type Airman Taiyo Airman Airman Taiyo Taiyo
Armature Connection Star with Neutral/Zig Zag
No. of Poles 4-Pole
Insulation Class F
Excitation Brushless with AVR
Voltage Regulation 0.5%
Power Factor 0.8
Frequency 60 Hz / 50 Hz
Standby Power 27.5 kVA / 22 kw 39 kVA / 31.2 kw 48.5 kVA / 38.8 kw 67 kVA / 53.6 kw 137 kVA / 110 kw 165 kVA / 132 kw
Prime Power 25 kVA / 20 kw 38 kVA / 30.4 kw 45 kVA / 36 kw 63 kVA / 50 kw 125 kVA / 100 kw 150 kVA / 120 kw
Voltage Single Phase 120 V / 240 V / 277 V (Switchable)
Voltage Three Phase 208 V / 240 V / 416 V / 480 V (Switchable)
Single Phase 120 V 60 A x 2 91.4 A x 2 108 A x 2 152 A x 2 300 A x 2 361 A x 2
Single Phase 240 V 60 A 91.4 A 108 A 152 A 300 A 361 A
Three Phase 208 V 60 A 105.5 A 119 A 167 A 328 A 394 A
Three Phase 240 V 60 A 91.4 A 108 A 152 A 300 A 361 A
Three Phase 480 V 30 A 47.5 A 54 A 76 A 150 A 180 A
  Engine Specifications
Engine Model Isuzu 4LE2T Kubota V3300 Isuzu 4LE2X Kubota V3800 Isuzu 4HK1X Isuzu 6HK1X
EPA Emission Level Tier 4 Interim Tier 4 Tier 4 Interim Tier 4 Tier 3 Flex Tier 3 Flex
Engine Type 4-Cycle,
direct injection
swirl chambers
direct injection turbocharged
direct injection
4-Cycle, water-cooled,
direct injection turbocharged intercooler
No. of Cylinders 4 4 4 4 4 6
Output @ Rated Speed (1800 rpm) 33.3 HP 46.8 HP 59.0 HP 89.5 HP 152.0 HP 190.4 HP
Governor Type Electronic
Integral Fuel Tank Capacity 51.5 gal. 106 gal. 106 gal. 106 gal. 198 gal. 215 gal.
Fuel Containment 110%
Lubricating Oil Capacity 2.7 gal. 3.4 gal. 3.1 gal. 3.5 gal. 5.4 gal. 10.0 gal.
Coolant Capacity 2.7 gal. 2.4 gal. 2.5 gal. 2.9 gal. 5.7 gal. 6.7 gal.
Battery 12 V x 1 12 V System 12 V x 2 24 V System
  Fuel Consumption
FULL Load 1.6 GPH 2.6 GPH 2.8 GPH 3.8 GPH 7.2 GPH 8.6 GPH
75% Load 1.3 GPH 1.9 GPH 2.1 GPH 2.9 GPH 5.8 GPH 6.5 GPH
50% Load 1.0 GPH 1.4 GPH 1.5 GPH 2.1 GPH 4.0 GPH 4.7 GPH
Run Time @ Full Load 32.1 hr 40.8 hr 37.8 hr 27.8 hr 27.5 hr 25.0 hr
  Weights and Dimensions
LxWxH w/o Trailer 67x31x55 in 82x39x61 in 82x38x61 in 82x39x61 in 100x46x72 in 126x46x72 in
Dry Weight 1808 lb 2555 lb 2606 lb 2800 lb 4729 lb 6007 lb
Operating Weight (Wet) 2205 lb 3325 lb 3374 lb 3570 lb 6173 lb 7628 lb
Sound Level @ 23 Feet
(No/Full Load)
63/63 dBA 60/61 dBA 57/64 dBA 65/65 dBA 65/67 dBA 68/71 dBA
  Lynx Rite Trailers
LxWxH* 119x54x62 in 144x70x73 in 144x70x73 in 144x70x73 in 196x79x85 in 196x79x85 in
Weight 625 lb 1225 lb 1225 lb 1225 lb 1650 lb 1650 lb
GVWR 2950 lb 5500 lb 5500 lb 5500 lb 9900 lb 9900 lb
  * Height is calculated from ground level to the top of the generator.
Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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