About Us

About Us


MMD Equipment is a Solutions Driven, Value-Added manufacturer that provides industry Leadership through Innovation.


A dynamic, flexible and robust organization dedicated to improvement through superior communication, collaboration, and commitment.

Core Values

  • Elevate - ELEVATE the performance of the entire company through data-driven, strategic planning and identify opportunities to bring high quality, niche market solutions to our industry.
  • Dynamic - Support strategic goals with a DYNAMIC, yet flat organization that remains hungry by thinking big and acting small.
  • FLEXIBLE - Meet market demands by remaining FLEXIBLE, innovative and agile; with the sensibility to pull demand, rather than push product.
  • ROBUST - Exceed customer needs with ROBUST structures and processes built to align company and customer goals and thereby establish long-term relationships.

Guiding Principles

Our efforts, and the measurement of individual and collective results, will be aligned with the ability to increase STRENGTH, STABILITY, SUSTAINABILITY, and SECURITY for the entire company.