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Lynxrite Trailers
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Lynxrite Trailers

  • Lynxrite trailers provide superior strength with a uni-body design constructed of ΒΌ" solid steel frame that cradles the generator and adds protection.
  • Rubber-cushioned torsion suspension axles provide a smoother ride, reduce vibration to the cargo and lower the center of gravity for better towing balance.
  • All tandem axle trailers feature heavy-duty, surge style drum brakes to help ensure immediate speed reduction and trailer stability.
  • Lynxrite trailers use cadmium-plated hitches, brake actuators, safety hooks and chains to help deter rust and extend life to the trailer's components.
  • The safety hooks and chains are oversized for greater strength and durability.
  • All trailers feature long lasting, sealed LED lighting, providing maximum brightness and visibility and ensure compliance with exisiting NATM, NHTSA & DOT regulations.
  • The rear bumper is heavy duty and shortened on each end to prevent turning snags.
  • Three jack stand mounts are built into every SDG100, SDG125 and SDG150 trailer so that additional jacks may be added for leveling or to facilitate the removal, and/or the replacement of tires.
  • Powder-coated finishes, along with integral wiring, offer greater endurance and simplify maintenance.
  • A lockable storage box is also included near the front of the trailer for safely housing additional tools and equipment.