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Our generators are equipped with the latest technology and features. Fuel saving, output maximization, and other technologies are available for our generators. What to know more about our generators? Click here.

Zero Load Technology

This innovative feature enables selected Tier 4 units to increase time between regeneration cycles on lighter loads, while extending diesel particulate filtration cleaning intervals.

  • Zero light load problems
  • Zero DPF shutdowns
  • Zero power loss
  • Extended DPF cleaning intervals
  • Tier 3 engine performance from a Tier 4 generator

The video on the right shows ZLT features and benefits at the 2015 ARA Show.

Our Zero Load Technology will help extend intervals between regeneration cycles or possible shut downs due to light loading or soot buildup in the catalyst. ZLT is an active system that monitors real time performance of the engine by constantly monitoring engine load, exhaust gas temperature, and exhaust gas pressure both entering and exiting the catalyst in order to make adjustments to engine load and fueling parameters. The ZLT system will not have any impact on the performance of the generator and will not reduce the electrical load capacity of your MMD PowerPro™ generator.

* Now standard equipment on Interim Tier 4 PowerPro™ 65 Generators

Hybrid Dual Fuel System

Our HDF technology can reduce your fuel costs by 75%! Did you know that we can retrofit existing PowerPro™ generators to work as HDF units? Our HDF generators can:

  • Reduce fuel costs up to 75%
  • Extend maintenance intervals
  • Utilize “free” resources

For more information, download our whitepaper:
Hybrid Dual Fuel Case Study

Watch our video about Hybrid Duel Fuel Generators.

* Available on Tier 3 Flex PowerPro™ 125 & PowerPro™ 150 Generators.
Retrofitting available for Tier 3 Flex PowerPro™ 125 & PowerPro™ 150 Generators, with Tier 4 Interim PowerPro™ 65 in the future.

Parallel Power

MMD Parallel MMD Parallel

Oil & Gas – production support power

Entertainment – mobile television production studio power

Paralleled generators can provide numerous benefits for mining, entertainment, oil & gas, critical operations, and remediation applications. Parallel technology can:

  • Maximize power output
  • Increase power system reliability
  • Maximize generator efficiency

See the MMD PowerPro™ Mobile Generators powering a large display screen at a bull riding/rodeo event.

For more information, download our whitepaper: Parallel Power That Makes Sense

* Available for PowerPro™ 125 & PowerPro™ 150 Generators

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